Heart Centered Healing

A program designed for you to Heal, Transform and Step into your POWER

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My journey into healing has been my greatest life accomplishment yet! I learned to recognize deep seeded issues that I carried with me throughout my life and into all of my personal relationships. I then learned to forgive and heal myself and everyone that was a part of my grand lesson and began to see my pain as my greatest teacher. From this HUGE accomplishment I was able to truly see myself as a beacon of light and I was empowered to step into my light! I saw this transformation within myself as a way to help others heal. I thought "if I can do this than anyone can!" My passion is to help guide others into stepping into their power, to release unwanted negative emotions and to truly shine the light. I completed my mentor training in 2013 and I have been designing The Heart Centered Healing program since - Kelli