Meet Kelli

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I believe that we all have the ability to live the life that we want. It takes strength, courage and determination to push past the obstacles that are holding us back from reaching our fullest potential.  In my journey I have had many obstacles and unresolved emotional baggage that kept me stuck for many years. It wasn't until I found Yoga that things started to shift and my search for healing began. Through yoga, meditation, energy work and deep interpersonal mentoring I was able to break free of the emotional chains that held me back for so many unfulfilling years. It was then, that I was able to step forward into a life filled with self love, joy and compassion.   We all have the opportunity to be happy and to truly love ourselves from the inside out. When we give ourselves permission to do so, we set the world free!I look forward to witnessing your journey ahead.

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Kelli Martin
Spiritual Mentor

Chips & Salsa lover
Reiki Master Teacher
Yoga & Meditation Teacher