Heart Centered Healing

Your personal Journey for Healing, Transformation and EMPOWERMENT

My journey into healing has been the greatest gift I could’ve ever given myself! Through my process I began to recognize deep seeded issues that I carried into all aspects of my life, my personal relationships were especially affected. These blocks stood in my way of reaching my fullest potential and it became obvious to me after a traumatic emergency lung surgery. During my recovery, I just new something needed to change. How was this my life? It seemed like it was one thing after another and I just couldn't get into the flow of peace and complete JOY. Then I found Reiki, and I began to practice something that was very foreign to me. Self Healing! As my heart began to open I was lead to a mentor who guided me through a Personal Transformation Program called the Healing from Within program.  I learned to forgive myself and everyone that was a part of my grand lesson and I began to see my pain as my greatest teacher. From this HUGE accomplishment I began to truly see myself as a beacon of light and was able to step into my power! I saw this transformation within myself as a way to help others heal. I thought "if I can do this then anyone can!" My passion is to help guide others into stepping into their own personal power. I want to help others shed unwanted emotions and blocks that are keeping them from reaching their greatest potential. I completed my Healing from Within Mentor Training in 2013 and I have been dedicated to self transformation ever since. I have committed myself to an abundance of trainings and workshops lead by people whom I now call my mentors. My studies have helped me expand and evolve what I learned and have taught me how to share this practice and journey with others in an authentic way. I now work one on one with my students using a blend of techniques that I have learned from my own experiences and from other teachers, healers, and mentors who I greatly respect.

I feel blessed to do this work and I look forward to watching you evolve.  - Kelli   

Though the Heart Centered Journey you learn to open your heart to deeply loving yourself in ways you never thought possible.

The Journey into Heart Centered Healing is a unique blend of various Self Transformation practices. This approach to healing is all about going deep within yourself to create a sense of self awareness so that you can recognize your negative thoughts and your limiting beliefs. You will learn steps to forgive and heal even the deepest wounds that you’ve been carrying around unconsciously, so that you can step out of victim-hood and step into Empowerment. Through your Journey you will be given tools to help you reprogram your negative thoughts and patterns so that you become your own healer.

This is the opportunity to live the life YOU want!

A life filled with Joy, Love and Understanding so that you can be the best version of yourself.

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There is no absolute structure on The Heart Centered Healing Journey because each individual is unique in their own process. However, though my studies I have learned that there are six phases for healing to occur and be sustainable.

Self Awareness, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Healing, Transformation and Empowerment.

During our time together, we will meet for private sessions. Each session will be tailored to your individual needs. In each phase of healing you will learn to embody the teachings in your daily life before moving on to the next phase of work. Each person is on their own journey and creating their own experiences so this process will take as much time is needed.

This Healing Journey requires time, patience, discipline and self compassion.

Give yourself the gift of Self Healing and Transformation

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Using Ayurveda, we will discover your personal constitution and learn where you may be out of balance. You will be given tools to bring your mind and body back into alignment by incorporating clean whole foods into your diet.

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Connect with your body

Most people are so disconnected to their body and are unable to hear the signals that their body is trying to communicate to them. We will create a daily practice goal that best suits your needs at the time, so that you can get into your body and out of your mind.

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Discover the Energy Body

You will be introduced to the Chakra System, Auras and Energy Fields to get a basic understanding of the Energy Body and how they effect your daily life. We will discover any imbalances you have and create a system of healing and protecting that is unique to your needs.

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Inner work

The phases of inner work begin. In this level of healing you have the chance to become aware and accept your feelings, emotions and programming that is holding you back. You will learn tools to release, heal and open your heart to forgiveness so that you are free to transform into the being of light that you are. This is your opportunity to have the courage to step into your POWER!

Our time together is for you to open up to deep levels of emotional spiritual healing.

Each session uses a blend of the following healing techniques :

Spiritual Guidance, Guided Meditation, Emotional Release, Crystal Healing, Theta Healing®, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, Distance Reiki, and Raindrop Reiki

Your Private sessions can either be in person, Skype, Facetime, Zoom or over the phone. Meaning you can meet with me in person or be anywhere in the world and still receive the benefits of your private sessions and begin your journey into your heart

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$195 per session

6 sessions $1,110

24 sessions $4,440

Monthly Membership Special $350 per/month Includes two 90 minute sessions per/month